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The state terrorists of liberal fascism are targeting Putin’s life.

The state terrorists of liberal fascism are targeting Putin's life.

And it’s not the first time.


THE DANGEROUS OPPONENT William Burnes, the director of the CIA:

„I believe that Putin looks at events in the long term. I think he will double his efforts now. I believe he is capable of making time work in his favor. In this war, he will torment the Ukrainians to exhaustion and manage to wear out Ukraine’s Western supporters. I am certain that Ukraine is more important to him than to us.”

Therefore, he is a dangerous opponent. Especially now that we have entered the decisive phase of the life-or-death battle between the two opposing camps of the world. Where the conquest of the world, which has been progressing poorly so far, has launched a decisive assault on the stack of liberal fascism. Which has now suffered another blow, perhaps one that will determine everything. And it has been placed in a humiliating position. Either it accepts the risk of a nuclear world war, or it is forced to the negotiating table. Admitting that Putin’s strategy has prevailed in this duel. Russia has emerged victorious.

According to the news, the event happened in early March. The Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missile was reportedly capable of destroying a highly classified, 120-meter-deep underground concrete bunker in Ukraine, belonging to NATO. Inside were 300 high-ranking Ukrainian and NATO officers. It is possible that not only the cream of the crop of the Ukrainian military leadership was lost, but also important NATO (American) senior officers, whose names are shrouded in silence in the American press. This fact was mentioned in the leaked American documents that gained notoriety (which also led to accusations against us).

Scott Ritter, a veteran of American intelligence, believes that this was a fatal blow to NATO as an organization. Consequently, NATO will be compelled to openly support Ukraine in some form. This will be the topic of discussion at the NATO summit scheduled for early July in Brussels.

(If everything had gone according to plan, by then Putin would no longer be alive. His death would have caused chaos and turmoil in Russia, or the enraged Russians would have done something that would have led to the blame for triggering a nuclear world war.

By that time, resistance against Orbán would also need to be broken: either he falls in line or he falls. The Pope was sent here to soften him with his super-secret „peace plan.” However, the „B-version of Pest Majdan” is also being prepared, as demonstrated by the hysterical, barrier-breaking crowd that recently gathered in the Castle District.

The „discarding” of Orbán is also intended as a blow to Putin.)

It has been almost nine years since the Russian president nearly paid with his life for crossing the liberal fascist West’s ideas. We are referring to the incident in July 2014 when unknown individuals shot down a Malaysian passenger plane flying over Donbass.

How was it with the Malaysian plane, exactly?

On July 17, 2014, unidentified perpetrators shot down the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, a Boeing passenger plane en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, over the Donbass region. There were 298 people on board, including 106 Dutch citizens.

Why specifically on that day? Well, the flight operated on that route every day. However, on that fateful day, the Malaysian plane was redirected approximately 300 km northeast of its usual path, into the area where conflicts were taking place.

This map shows the previous day’s flight path in blue and the actual flight path on the fateful day in red. The Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crashed in eastern Ukraine on Thursday, July 17, 2014.

On that day, Russian radars detected unusual activity: an extraordinary air exercise was taking place in the region. However, the airspace was not closed, which led to legal action against the Ukrainian government by the relatives of German victims.

The significance of this exercise lies in the fact that an experienced pilot was called in for it. Instead of the young lieutenant, who, according to the official version, mistakenly shot down the Malaysian passenger plane, thinking it was Putin’s private jet (and firing a missile or shooting it with onboard machine guns), the experienced pilot was present. According to the official account, realizing his fatal mistake, he then committed suicide.

After the incident, multiple versions of what happened emerged, including one that claimed the MALAYSIAN PLANE WAS MISTAKEN FOR PUTIN’S PRIVATE JET. This version surfaced twice over time. However, both times, this version was dismissed from above.

The person involved himself bought into the information and held onto it, waiting for the „right moment.” From the beginning, I believed that it was a mistake.

Even if not immediately, there have been several opportunities to spill the beans since then. At the latest, when Josep Borrell declared war. Or when Józsi Hugyos made a transparent reference to them blowing up the gas pipeline.

I will explain further what was in that „bil” (probably referring to a secret). In that „bil,” an international conspiracy woven by liberal fascism aimed at the assassination of Putin was present.

However, by now, Putin has undeniably missed the opportunity for a grand reveal. He was preempted. The international criminal organization of liberal fascism, the Hague Court, issued an international arrest warrant against Putin. But who will believe a criminal under international arrest from now on?

You filthy scoundrels! You got away with it!

On that fateful day, Putin was returning home on his private jet from his Latin American tour. It was during this time that he committed a deadly crime: negotiating with President Maduro of Venezuela about establishing a Russian military base. The Warsaw Air Traffic Control Center also redirected his plane over Donbass. His aircraft arrived at the scene twenty minutes after the Malaysian plane crashed.

But what was in the undisclosed secret?

We have read here at home that the CIA tapped Chancellor Merkel’s phone. Well, in return, the German intelligence service did not lag behind: they also tapped the phones of the American president.

This is how it happened the day after the downing of the Malaysian plane. The German intelligence agents could have been earwitnesses to an intense conversation that morning. Obama called Poroshenko, the babbling idiot, and shouted at him for botching their jointly planned operation.

What could have angered the American president so much? For a long time, I thought it was Poroshenko’s blunder. The passenger plane crashed the previous day at 16:20 local time. The first news agency reports about it appeared at 17:15. However, at 17:00, Poroshenko had already convened the Ukrainian National Security Cabinet in Kyiv regarding this incident.

This alone could have exposed the carefully woven conspiracy. Later, however, it was revealed that the Ukrainian intelligence service – amidst the two Boeings that could be easily mistaken for each other – shot down the Malaysian plane.

Above, the passenger plane; below, Putin’s private jet.

The international „investigation committee” led by the Dutch (composed entirely of experts from Western countries biased against Russia) – much like the medieval inquisition – started with a preconceived accusation (and, of course, a ready verdict): the Russians shot down the passenger plane. Therefore, they claimed that a Buk air defense missile system was brought from Kursk to the crime scene, and immediately after shooting down the plane, it was promptly taken back. Allegedly, the commander of the air defense in the nearby city of Snezhnoye, retired air defense missile artillery colonel Vladimir Semakh, provided assistance in this matter.

In this despicable, filthy affair, our dear Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands took the lead. The very same person who constantly lectures us on human rights and the rule of law and puts us on the rack. The one who ordered the firing on protesting Dutch farmers.

The legend of the „Buk” missile was bleeding from a thousand wounds from the beginning – and ultimately bled out.

The Russians were able to prove with a copy of a delivery note that the missile in question was sent by the manufacturer to a Soviet missile defense unit stationed in Ternopil, Western Ukraine, at the end of 1986. The missile system remained in Ukraine after 1991.

The Russian army scrapped the given missile defense system as morally outdated back in 2011.

A later expert investigation concluded: 1. The Malaysian plane was not destroyed by an air defense missile. 2. The remaining fragments indicated that the missile was destroyed on the ground.

The wreckage of the Malaysian passenger plane.

Over time, the prevailing explanation for the airplane disaster was that it was shot down from a (Ukrainian) fighter jet using an air-to-air missile. The attacker even fired from the onboard machine gun. Local residents indeed witnessed two Ukrainian fighter jets chasing the passenger plane. (One of them turned back, but the other one shot down the Malaysian aircraft.)

For five years, our conspirators searched in vain for the fitting coat for the invented button. They lied for five years. It was becoming embarrassing. There was a fear that someone would discover the Ukrainian trail. And then it would be the end for the liberal-fascist conspirators. It would become a worldwide scandal.

That’s why the Dutch came up with the idea in early June 2019 to initiate a lawsuit in a Dutch court regarding the downed Malaysian plane. Perhaps something would be revealed during the trial that would somehow support the allegations. To achieve this, they needed to find a suitable witness.

The Dutch intelligence service soon singled out retired air defense missile artillery colonel Vladimir Semakh as someone who might be suitable to corroborate the prosecution’s claims as a key witness.

Vladimir Semakh

Whether he likes it or not, if he doesn’t comply, they will ensure that during the trial in The Hague, he says what is needed. For this reason, the Dutch intelligence service ordered their Ukrainian counterparts to obtain him and bring him to Kiev, where he would be prepared for the trial.

Vladimir Semakh was abducted from his home in the city of Snezhnoye on the morning of June 27, 2019. Once successfully smuggled across the front line, the capturing unit reported the completion of the mission to their superiors. And those superiors reported to the Dutch intelligence service, who, in turn, informed Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. At the time, Rutte was attending the G20 summit in Osaka.

If our beloved Dutch Prime Minister had to be informed about this, it means that he was at least aware of the impending abduction, if not the one who ordered it.

The day after Semakh’s abduction, our Dutch friend urgently requested a confidential meeting with Putin about THE DOWNED MALAYSIAN PLANE CASE. According to a witness, he began the meeting by saying, „We have the man who will testify to your guilt.”

(Hence, the need to threaten him with Ukrainian interrogations and torture if he doesn’t confess. The Dutch investigator present during the interrogations promised Semakh Dutch citizenship, a family home, and lifelong support if he „cooperates”.)

Neither this nor that, however, had any effect.

Oh, my naive, foolish Dutch friend! He had no idea that Putin held a winning trump card in this matter. And since the Dutch requested a private and confidential meeting, Putin had no need to hold back. It was enough for him to briefly reveal his trump cards. And we can confidently say that he was not the one who turned pale and trembling, forced to retreat from the meeting. Indeed, certain matters accelerated their course, while others took a different direction.

However, the deadly terror did not last long.

In early September, a prisoner exchange took place, which the Ukrainians needed more. Putin insisted on Cemakh’s release, stating that there would be no exchange without it. Thus, the Ukrainians were forced to let him go.

By then, the Dutch had regained their composure (undoubtedly assisted by their accomplices). The Dutch government protested to the Ukrainian government over Cemakh’s release. Forty members of the European Parliament, led by Hungarian-Dutch representative Kati Piri, wrote a letter to Zelensky demanding that he NOT RELEASE Cemakh.

POSTSCRIPT: The conspiracy plotted against Putin, the attempted assassination, and the horrifying tale of Cemakh’s abduction clearly demonstrate that the countries of liberal fascism—especially the key countries—are CONTROLLED BY DESPICABLE SCOUNDRELS who do not hesitate to ELEVATE PIRACY, BANDITRY, AND TERRORISM TO THE LEVEL OF STATE POLICY for their vile objectives. These are warmongering criminals, mass murderers, and WAR CRIMINALS who operate under the guise of white-gloved instigators.

This story—a (this time unsuccessful) attempt to assassinate another country’s leader, „JUSTICE” BASED ON THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES OF THE INQUISITION, murders, abductions, acts of terrorism—is PRECEDENT-SETTING. What they have done to Russia, Putin, and Vladimir Cemakh, they can do to other countries and their leaders if they don’t suit their interests.