június 16, 2024

Does Hungary need this? (LMBTQ.)

             The country that pretends to be the ruler of the world officially designated a whole month for the celebration and tribute to one particular segment of their society years ago. And that month is June in every year. While it is not mandatory to celebrate this month – although the mainstream media appears to be obligated to praise it, so I, with your permission, will neither celebrate nor praise it. Instead, I will share my thought-provoking opinion in the form of an open letter, as an encouragement to those who, like me, consider the healthy shaping of our youth’s future critically important. So, here is the letter.

Dear gays, lesbians, and those with similar sexual deviancies, I hope this polite way of addressing you is convincing enough for you that my message is intended to be beneficial to both of your anti-family society and our pro-family society. As a precaution, I will add one of our old Hungarian sayings: „If the shoe does not fit, don’t wear it.” I am not afraid of offending you because I am addressing you now using the terms by which you identify yourselves, as in most places you march or demand privileges under the banners of PRIDE. That is why I am addressing you with our traditional Hungarian words that most likely relate to your pride. One of my concerns is that, following American gays, lesbians, and those with similar sexual deviancies, you also want to appear in the media with an unpronounceable and meaningless string of 6 or 7 consonants. And the dumb media has largely given in to it. Meanwhile, for years, you haven’t even tried to come up with a comprehensible collective name for your group and movement. There have been many speculations about the reason behind this, but finally, a group of our young people figured it out. They found two reasons. One is that you don’t want it to become public knowledge what kind of sexual deviancies are encompassed by your movement’s flag, because it might…… pardon, not perhaps, but rather definitely… this would provoke even more objections against your movement. The other reason is that no one would believe that so many sexual deviancies can coexist.

I heard in the news that you held a large gathering in Budapest a month or two ago and decided not to support the Hungarian family law because it seeks to prohibit members of your movement from teaching and influencing our children and grandchildren about your movement and the philosophy of gender ideology in schools and institutions. We understand that someone came up with the new, unprecedented ideology of human gender, the gender ideology, and convinced the foolish masses that there are not just two genders – male and female – but many more, and that there are various sexual perversions, each representing a different gender. Well, this gender-related nonsense reached its peak in California, where the authorities succumbed to those busybudies who not only protest under the PRIDE slogans but also stole our beautiful rainbow from the sky and consider it, or at least its colors their own symbol. So, in California, they have already registered 97 human genders in government offices. It serves you right Californians!

           But this madness was not enough; waging war against the institution of family and the tradition of human procreation, those of the same sex among you started marrying each other, and they even demanded that we address them a certain way that pleases them and mention their gender with the consonant jumble they invented, which may change day after day. Of course, if we ask you what gender you are, you respond with that consonant jumble, or if we ask what you are proud of, either you don’t know yourselves or you don’t have the courage to say.

Narrow-mindedness knows no borders. Therefore, it happened that this madness infiltrated Hungary as well, representing the same nonsense. You also refuse to openly declare what you consider yourselves to be. Instead you use this jumble of letters. It’s not a coincidence that your group, which demands unconditional acceptance, fears that individuals who respect the norms of a healthy society will dare to speak up and suddenly demand to stop, calling on the government to strictly limit the anti-family movement of those with queer sexual deviancies. And more and more people are starting to oppose your movement.


You see, this is why we don’t want you to mislead our children and grandchildren and convince them that your behavior is natural. We also don’t want you to persuade them to imitate you, of course with your hope that once you have confused their thinking enough, they will join your movement

Let’s agree! You can set up a circus in the city, but let it remain just a circus. However, if you do so, make it clear to everyone that it’s not reality. Play the clowns if that satisfies you. If you entertain the public tastefully, you might even receive applause, but if not, you deserve to be booed.

But OUR children and grandchildren should NOT be taught by YOU!

That shall remain the responsibility of the parents and teachers approved by the parents. Or, if by any chance you want to educate children, well, go ahead, have children of your own and educate them!

Oh, wait, you either can’t or don’t want to make babies? No problem! But then you won’t have descendants either to rely on in your old age! There won’t be anyone to carry on your generation or your traditions, including your queer sexual deviancies. But then, who will shed tears over that? Certainly not us, who love families. The leaders of the NATO troops shown in the picture don’t display your rainbow flag demonstratively out of respect, but rather to convey you that they eagerly welcome you as cannon fodders in their ranks.

                Finally, I would like to mention your recent decision I heard about in the news: designating an entire month to celebrate transgender individuals and those with similar queer sexual deviancies, following the sick American example. Well, you know, this raises the blood pressure of many people because why on earth would family-loving individuals celebrate the enemies of the family? If this is only meant for your movement, then it doesn’t concern us. Your queer sexual deviancies weigh not as much to us as our respect for the teachers, priests, and our sympathy for the limping, the cross-eyed, the stammerers, the visually impaired, the hearing impaired, and so on, even if there hasn’t been designated a day for the commemoration of their abilities or disabilities.

So, live happily in your own society. We don’t plan anything against you as long as you don’t want to change our family-loving society or influence our children and grandchildren. If you have earned the respect of your fellow human beings through your work or talents, then celebrate it and add it to your PRIDE or PROUD slogans, so that sensible people and children can look up to you. But without that, you still have a rocky road ahead of you, which we hope will not lead towards Hungary, but rather will find the detour around it.