április 14, 2024

About Us

Who are we?

We are MatrixHungary, a truth-seeking society.

MatrixHungary is an anonymous group of friends dedicated to researching the truth. We share our opinions on major events in the world. We have come together to bring the truth to the people of Hungary in the Hungarian language. We are independent and solely committed to conveying the truth. We are not affiliated with any political party or interest group. We do not sell ourselves for money, we do not allow ourselves to be intimidated, and we do not yield to any pressure!

Our organization is a non-profit entity, which means we do not charge membership fees and we do not provide financial contributions to our members. Our organization operates not for material gains like mainstream media puppets but to satisfy our thirst for knowledge, awaken the sleeping, and bring forth the concealed truth. Our collective work serves the betterment of humanity.

We are completely against the efforts of the globalist elite’s „New World Order”! We expose the workings and goals of this system to the people and reveal the lies of the mainstream media loyal to the global elite.

Our Story Once, we were parts of the matrix. We slept deeply and unconscious, sensing that something was wrong with the world. We didn’t know what it was, only that it existed. Like a splinter in our minds, driving us mad. The reality projected before our eyes was nothing but an illusion, yet we believed everything we saw. We thought we were awake, but since our birth, we had been dreaming. We were the captives of a dream that concealed the truth from us.

We woke up! We began to question everything that had hidden the truth from us. We awakened to our own independent thoughts. We discovered the art of thinking.

Once the sugar coating fell from our eyes, the world revealed its true self. The journalist, whose bread was the truth, became nothing more than a deceitful representative of the gutter media. The television, which we regarded as a window to the world, has become a repulsive tool of the gutter media. The politicians in whom we believed are now mere pawns in the games of the shadow powers. The doctor we could always rely on is now administering the vaccine…

In our unwavering pursuit of truth, we noticed that we are not alone. Others have also awakened and are constantly searching for reality. Eventually, we found each other and established the MatrixHungary truth-seeking society.

The members of our society are ordinary people with an extraordinary love for truth and a thirst for knowledge.