május 19, 2024

Million dollar bailiffs in Hungary

‘Our Homeland Movement’ Party: How much money do independent bailiffs rob from Hungarian people? – We show the TOP 10 list

Every sensible person in Hungary knows that independent bailiffs get rich nicely because they rob, harass and loot to Hungarian working people.

But let’s look at the numbers! Based on publicly available company data, we have made a TOP 10 list of the most earning independent court bailiffs. Based on their net income:
(In HUF. and USD. at the exchange rate on June 29, 2020. ’05:26′).

615.766.000 HUF. dr. George Schadl, Former president of the Hungarian Court Bailiffs’ Faculty, et al., Budaörs – It’s in Dollars: 1.950.231 USD.

435.998.000 HUF. dr. József Farkas, Szekszárd – It’s in Dollars: 1.380.876 USD.

427.226.000 HUF. Némethyné dr. Krisztina Erdősi, Budapest – It’s in Dollars: 1.353.094. USD.

373.986.000 HUF. István Kovács, Kazincbarcika – It’s in Dollars: 1.184.474 USD.

363.861.000 HUF. Zoltán Ádám, Gyöngyös – It’s in Dollars: 1.152.407 USD.

363.861.000 HUF. dr. Krisztián Ádám, Gyöngyös – It’s in Dollars: 1.152.407 USD.

337.766.000 HUF. dr. Levente Zoltán, Budapest – It’s in Dollars: 1.069.759 USD.

336.013.000 HUF. dr. Zoltán Schmidt, Budapest – It’s in Dollars: 1.064.207 USD.

332.031.000 HUF. dr. Márta Pataki, Székesfehérvár – It’s in Dollars: 1.051.596 USD.

332.031.000 HUF. dr. Szabolcs Fülöp, Székesfehérvár – It’s in Dollars: 1.051.596 USD.

With more than 600 million in revenue, George Schadl leads the list. Schadl was the president of the Hungarian Court Bailiff Faculty.

It is surprising that it includes a Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county bailiff, István Kovács, who “works”, in Kazincbarcika. It also shows that even in one of the poorest counties, the poverty executing looting system is working perfectly.

At least half of the more than 200 bailiffs have an income in excess of HUF 100,000,000, and those who receive less of it, most of them are still new entrants with an unfinished staff.

The ‘Our Homeland Movement’ does not consider these sums to be worthy and fair due to the bailiff organization resembling the current mafia network the continuing hostile behavior. That is why we are initiating a transformation of the entire bailiff system.

And the very important, the accountability of the independent court bailiffs, because with their mafia methods, they really ruined the Hungarian families.

Dr. Zsuzsanna Fiszter                                 
Constituency president, ‘Our Homeland Movement’

Translated and expanded by András Fort, – MatrixHungary.com / Freedom Report

Photo: ‘Natural life’ – The Hungarian bailiff is like an aggressive hyena