június 16, 2024

User Agreement

The online platforms of MatrixHungary (www.matrixhungary.com ,www.media.matrixhungary.hu, www.matrixhungary.hu), as well as our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, MeWe, Telegram, TikTok, Gettr, VK, and any other platforms we may be present on in the future), reflect only our opinions, which we present as personal viewpoints and not as facts! We do not make factual statements on our platforms.

Our opinions are a reflection of our own thoughts, perspectives, and observations. On our news portal, video-sharing platform, and social media platforms, our expressions are solely the opinions of our society, which we consider as blog posts rather than media content. The individuals of our society are not journalists, public figures, and we are not members of any media, political party, or other organization. Any content displayed by us, wherever it may be on the internet, is presented with the title „in our opinion…” even if not explicitly mentioned!

MatrixHungary is a truth-seeking society, and its online platforms allow users to comment on the displayed content, upload their own videos, and share them with others. They are also suitable for viewing full-length movies.

Our editors are members of an anonymous private club who exercise their freedom of speech to express their opinions, mainly on political and social topics.

It may happen that we grant general users the right to upload their videos for display on our platforms.

MatrixHungary expressly does not monitor the uploaded content, exercise legal supervision over them, including copyright and neighboring rights, personality rights, or any other content-related aspects. However, it undertakes to remove the content from its platforms within a maximum of 72 hours, typically within 24 hours, if a credible third party demonstrates that it causes harm to them. Contact email: matrix@matrixhungary.hu

MatrixHungary’s online platforms are recommended for viewers over 18 years of age with strong nerves. By entering our website, you automatically accept our terms and conditions!

We do not allow the display of erotic content whose sole purpose is sexuality. Such content will be deleted.

The Uploader is responsible for all content uploaded to MatrixHungary’s video portal and news-sharing website (www.matrixhungary.hu and www.media.matrixhungary.hu), whether it be videos, accompanying texts, descriptions, tags, comments, or anything else that we may not have thought of or discover later.

Regarding the uploaded content, the user authorizes MatrixHungary to display them (or parts, excerpts, selections, etc.) on various internet platforms or in traditional electronic media.

Advertisements may be visible in the vicinity of the videos. MatrixHungary disclaims any responsibility for the content of these advertisements, except for our own advertisements.